Sunday, September 18, 2011


I've created a blog :)
I know... It took me like FOREVER...

Ha ha ha :) :) :)

Before proceeding on, let me briefly introduce myself.

Name: Jackie

Country: Singapore

Horoscope: Gemini

Favourite Game: Yugioh Trading Card Game

Favourite Card: Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin (now you know where this forum got its name from :P)

Favourite Deck: HERO BEAT

Favourite Band: Maroon 5 (I'm moving like Jagger)

Purpose of this Blog: Discussion of Worldwide YGO Happenings.

Unknowingly, I've been in this game for a decade or so (since 2002). Through these 10 years, I've seen a lot of changes in the game. From the Chaos era to Monarch's Rule, over to the endless Perfect Circle, after which the Dark Dive Bombing (OTK) and following on, the Debris Dandy/Junk Doppel Synchro Frenzy... All of them left an unforgettable impact in any players who have ever played Yugioh. And these are the main reason why players stick to Yugioh even after so many years! Players are addicted to refreshing themselves with new ideas, concepts, strategies.

The thrill of one out-witting the other in a mental game is indescribable. If you think Chinese Chess is mentally challenging, you've definitely never tried Yugioh where Planning + Skill + Luck are all part of the Game. Try finishing an opponent with 8000 LP when you're left with just 50 LP!!! Consider that a challenge to those who have never had such a comeback before =)

To end off my introduction, I'll be posting my performance in a local Ranking Tournament on Sun, 18 Sep 11.

Format: Single Elimination

Basically, More Wins = More Points = Higher chances of qualifying for next year's Asia Championship

Deck used: Diva Tengu

Match 1: Benjamin (Gravekeeper)


Duel 1: Diva Tengu Synchro Beatdown

Duel 2: He had more control over the entire game. Trap Dustshoot removed the only useful monster in my hand. After realising my hand without any Gorz, he had 3 Gravekeeper monsters to beatdown me, reducing my LP to less than 3k. Just when all hopes are diminishing, I drew a Dark Hole. Activated it without hesitation and he countered me with a Starlight Road... So that's basically the end for that duel.

Duel 3: He had a lot of set cards on his field but had no monsters. A E-Hero Stratos in my starting hand ensured i have backup for his future moves. After 2-3 turns, he had one Necrovalley on the Field with 3 set cards while i have a Grow-up Bulb in my graveyard and a D-Hero Malicious in my hand. I thought of summoning the Malicious and together with Grow-up Bulb, summon a Black Rose Dragon to destroy his entire field. However, the thought of Starlight Road form the previous duel held me back. And the following turn, i managed to summon a Scrap Dragon and one by one, i destroyed his set cards for the victory. Of which, one of them was really a Starlight Road!!! *Lucky me :)

Match 2: Calvin (Dark World)


Duel 1: Random Synchro beat again :)

Duel 2: Got beatdown by Grapha and his massive back rows...

Duel 3: Trishula + Stardust on second turn decided the duel :)

Match 3: Bryan Tew (Dark World)


Duel 1: Received a endless cycle of Grapha again...

Duel 2: Cool opening hand with Tengu, Malicious and D-Draw provided consistency throughout the entire match.

Duel 3: Time was called. I managed to deal more damage to his LP such that even after a 3k grapha direct attack, i will still have a lead.

Match 4: Skye (Offering Gadget)


Duel 1: Don't even know how i got reduced to zero...

Duel 2: BAD HAND... =.="

Overall result: 2nd place with 3 wins

Summary: This deck which took me less then 2 hours to construct managed to work!!! Miraculously, the bad hand rate is not that frequent. However, when it occurs, the chances to turn the tides are very very slim. I'll continue to tune this deck to see how far can it bring me.

Bottom-line, from my observation, this is an 'old school' era.

This meta game is back to the Chaos Era where people don't exactly play a lot of traps. 3 MST running wild and Heavy Storm is mainly the reason being so. Next, 2 Tragoedia and 1 Gorz explains why people put 2 mind crush in their main deck. When you're uncertain if any monsters will jump out of the blue, just buy an insurance. Mind crush him and full force ahead!!!

*On a separate note, i'll be reviewing on the card mind crush most likely next week. Keep a look out :)

However, one thing doesn't change in this game. The element of SURPRISE. When you play a deck which people are unfamiliar with, you have the advantage of catching them off-guard. Have creativity!!! Remember when people tell you to think out of the box? This is a platform where you'll only get better and better through experiments of originality. That's where you actually fail, learn from your mistakes and slowly develop into your own style. Isn't that what made this game fun and enjoyable in the very first place?!?!

Hope you guys have enjoyed my very first post. I know i can be a bit lengthy at times. But oh well :D Do keep a lookout for my next post. Till next time, Ciaossu ~.~


avengingknight said...

yo link me!

MintStar said...


Congrats on your new blog, hope you have a good time with it.

By the way, the ranking tournaments are for Asian Championship, its not linked to World Championship for time being.


AD said...

haha :) Edited :D My Fault... Writing late and especially after work... tend to make mistakes :D
Thanks for correcting me =D

EdseL said...

Hi! Great-lookin' blog! ^^

Im from the Philippines and I got a blog too. Hope we can link each other up! :)

Saikon said...

I'd like seeing that deck list, huh!
Just don't quit after some posts, keep it up instead!