Thursday, February 16, 2012

AGC Team Tournament 11 Feb 12

Finally had the time to update my blog =D

But it'll be a short one for now...

Mainly will be the videos i took at the event...

Please enjoy and forgive if the background is a bit noisy =P

Kenneth (Larval) VS Shaun Lim (Infernity)

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Jeff (Hero) VS Shaun Lim (Infernity)

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

3 x Tournament Reports over the Christmas Weekend

3 x Short Tourney Reports =D
Deck used for all 3 tourneys

First up, Ranking Tournament @ Active Game Collection 24 Dec 11
Starting 16: Cassandra; Rabbit Raggia
Top 8: Bryan aka (Ball Snow); Inzektor
Either OXO or OO, i've forgotten how the match-up went... LOL
Top 4: Guan Ji; Inzektor
Top 2: Miao; Laval
Placing: 2nd

Next, Christmas Tourney @ CardMaster 25 Dec 11
Swiss Round 1: Anthony; Dragon Beat
Swiss Round 2: Domonic; Hero Beat
Swiss Round 3: Jeremy T; Gravekeeper
Swiss Round 4: ???; Offering Gadget
Swiss Round 5: Jun Cai; BF
Didn't play as we were at the top of the Swiss table. He reported as my victory though.
So, ya!!! Full Win for Swiss Round... Here comes the bad part...


Top 8: Jacob; Rabbit Raggia
Died when he summoned a 2000 att monsters and i had 3 1900 monsters in my hand, looking at me... LOL

Bottom 4: Jun Jie; Agent Angels
Gorz in my hand but Hyperion and Kristya ended the game.

Placing: 7th/8th share with Shaun; inzektor as we're too tired to continue playing...

Last but not least, Boxing Day Tourney @ Ani-Play, Clementi 26 Dec 11
Swiss Round 1: ???; Rabbit Raggia
Didn't appear as Rabbit Raggia in 1st match-up. Totally didn't side for it in 2nd match. Had a tough time catching up in Match 3 caused my game.
Swiss Round 2: vishal; BF
Swiss Round 3: Jun Cai; BF
Couldn't avoid the Christmas battle huh??? Haha
Swiss Round 4: Stark; Dandy
Shared and let him win since his tie breaker was higher.
unfortunately, he didn't make it for Top 8 as his tie breaker wasn't high enough compared to other 3 win players.

Placing: Scrubbed

That's all folks =D
Till the next Hero meeting at a tourney, bye bye for now, Ciaossu~.~

Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm Back =D

Like the title says, i'm back =D
My lack of post was because my past 2 months have been so FREAKING BUSY!!!
Firstly, i was occupied by NS for the entire month of Nov-Dec, leaving me stranded on an island without internet. After which, i returned to my original unit and loads of crap (accumulated in my absence) are dumped onto me. Its a miracle i have the time to be doing this right now =.="
So that's basically it for my last 2 months.

Now, during my period of absence, a few hiccups occurred which i didn't have the chance to experience them first hand. So let refresh a bit, all the way from Nov...

1) Asia Plus Tournament Singapore was conducted in Nov, and the winning team, who will also be representing Singapore in Asia Plus Championship held in Taiwan, consist of Nian Jie, William and Daniel.

Though Team Singapore did not emerge victorious in Asia Plus Championship, Taiwan, they did themselves proud and definitely deserve a round of applause for their effort put in. Thumbs up to you guys =D.
More coverage can be viewed from

2) Finally after so many years, we can finally complete the set of playable GOD cards with the release of the SILFER THE SKY DRAGON!!!

3) Order Of Chaos surfaced 3 new decks to the Yu Gi Oh World.
Firstly, the most seen deck topping tournaments currently:
Basically, this deck has the ability to create a difference of 4 card (Player +2, Opponent -2) with just 2 cards, Damsel and Hornet. Once they hit you with that, the chance of recover is rather low.

Secondly, aka the dirty deck:
Wind-up / Main Spring
Try starting a duel with your opponent having a Daigusto Emeral and a Revise Dragon on field, and 3 to 4 cards in hand while you have erm... 0 cards in hand, 5 cards in grave... Basically, that's as i quote: "No Hand, No Field, No Future".

Last but not least, always doing missions in stealth mode:
I'll say this deck is somewhat like a mini version of Hero Beat that can be played in Official Konami Tournaments. With Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation acting like Gemini Spark, this card actually works better in a sense that it does not leave one's field open for attacks. Combo with EITHER Dark Horus to revive another Hanzo for a second round OR Jurrac Guaiba to take down one more opponent's monster and then exceed to Evolzar Laggia for further control.

I've tried playing against the 3 above mentioned decks using my Hero Beat.
Against inzektor: Hero Blast and Effect Veiler are must!!! If not, just sit back, relax and enjoy. Before you know it, it has ended... LOL
Against Windup / MainSpring: PRAY YOU WIN DICE ROLL =.="
Against Ninja: Out of 10 matches, 6-4 is achieved. Last match was very very close.

So overall, good job for introducing new decks that people are willing to go for. However, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH KONAMI? Coming out with this type of broken decks =.="

Haiz, what to do??? Like i always say "Sucks to be you..."
Till next time, Ciaossu ~.~

Sunday, September 25, 2011

F1 Weekend...

Hi All Once Again =D

Before i get on with Yu-Gi-Oh Matters, for those that do not know, this is the F1 Weekend in Singapore!!! And i'm LOVING IT :)

Back to topic, this is a busy and tiring week for me due to both work and personal matters. So i did not participate in any tournaments this week. However, i did stay through 1 tournament and i'll report on some interesting stuff i saw for today.

Venue: Active Game Collection (aka Lor Ah Soo)
Format: Single Elimination *Same event as the last post
Players: 18

Decks used by participants:
2 x GB
1 x Hero Beat
1 x Skill Drain Beat
1 x Twilight Lightlord
1 x Twilight Zombie
2 x Agent Angel
1 x TG Bolt Angel
1 x Machina Gadget
1 x Dragunity
2 x Grave BF
2 x WWBF
1 x Dragon Beat (Red Eyes Black Metal + FGD FTW)
1 x Battery man Deck
1 x Junk Doppel Frog variant

Winner: Wei Ann (Dragunity) with 4 wins
2nd: Calvin (GB) with 4 wins
3rd/4th: Cassandra (Machina Gadget) & Zheng Hei ( TG Bolt Angel)
*With 18 participants in Single Elimination format, 4 players were randomly chosen to play for Round 0. This allows the tournament to be conducted with a perfect number. Hence, though Calvin got 2nd, he was part of Round 0, explaining the same number of wins as Wei Ann.

In the finals, Wei Ann (Dragunity) focused on getting a Stardust Dragon out in the early game. This prevented Calvin's monsters (GB) which are lesser in Att points, to conduct battle and perform his GB tagging tricks. With that, the Stardust acted as an insurance for his future summoning. In one of the game, Wei Ann went on to summon a 2nd Stardust Dragon just to unleash the beat down!!! Calvin wasn't able to break the first turn summoning of Stardust and lost his game and match.

There are a few interesting techs that i saw from decks today and would like to share with all of you.

1) Frogs in Junk Doppel!!! With the reduction of Traps in decks, there ain't many cards that'll stop Treeborn Frog from swimming up every turn. This small and innocent looking monster is an important factor in the deck. Firstly, it's 1 additional star for synchro. Second, it's a monster that can be used as a tribute. Last but DEFINITELY not least, it's a freaking wall!!!

2) Bolt Hedgedog in TG angels. They are free exceed materials for Daigusto Phoenix once you manage to get them into graveyard!!! And for them to "float up" from the graveyard, all you need is either a TG Striker or Agent - Earth.

3) Batteryman Deck and Dragon Deck. How long has it been since we see them? But still, they are capable to pull some cool tricks from their respective sleeves and stun their opponents. An opponent of the Dragon deck actually commented "A FGD!!!" in shock when the player actually activated his 'Future Fusion'.

Overall, it's a good tournament with lot of different decks. Like said in my last post, it's cool to run different decks outside of the Tier Table. This is what made the game interesting!!! Keep it up people =D

Till the next time, Ciaossu ~_~"
Off to my F1 race...

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I've created a blog :)
I know... It took me like FOREVER...

Ha ha ha :) :) :)

Before proceeding on, let me briefly introduce myself.

Name: Jackie

Country: Singapore

Horoscope: Gemini

Favourite Game: Yugioh Trading Card Game

Favourite Card: Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin (now you know where this forum got its name from :P)

Favourite Deck: HERO BEAT

Favourite Band: Maroon 5 (I'm moving like Jagger)

Purpose of this Blog: Discussion of Worldwide YGO Happenings.

Unknowingly, I've been in this game for a decade or so (since 2002). Through these 10 years, I've seen a lot of changes in the game. From the Chaos era to Monarch's Rule, over to the endless Perfect Circle, after which the Dark Dive Bombing (OTK) and following on, the Debris Dandy/Junk Doppel Synchro Frenzy... All of them left an unforgettable impact in any players who have ever played Yugioh. And these are the main reason why players stick to Yugioh even after so many years! Players are addicted to refreshing themselves with new ideas, concepts, strategies.

The thrill of one out-witting the other in a mental game is indescribable. If you think Chinese Chess is mentally challenging, you've definitely never tried Yugioh where Planning + Skill + Luck are all part of the Game. Try finishing an opponent with 8000 LP when you're left with just 50 LP!!! Consider that a challenge to those who have never had such a comeback before =)

To end off my introduction, I'll be posting my performance in a local Ranking Tournament on Sun, 18 Sep 11.

Format: Single Elimination

Basically, More Wins = More Points = Higher chances of qualifying for next year's Asia Championship

Deck used: Diva Tengu

Match 1: Benjamin (Gravekeeper)


Duel 1: Diva Tengu Synchro Beatdown

Duel 2: He had more control over the entire game. Trap Dustshoot removed the only useful monster in my hand. After realising my hand without any Gorz, he had 3 Gravekeeper monsters to beatdown me, reducing my LP to less than 3k. Just when all hopes are diminishing, I drew a Dark Hole. Activated it without hesitation and he countered me with a Starlight Road... So that's basically the end for that duel.

Duel 3: He had a lot of set cards on his field but had no monsters. A E-Hero Stratos in my starting hand ensured i have backup for his future moves. After 2-3 turns, he had one Necrovalley on the Field with 3 set cards while i have a Grow-up Bulb in my graveyard and a D-Hero Malicious in my hand. I thought of summoning the Malicious and together with Grow-up Bulb, summon a Black Rose Dragon to destroy his entire field. However, the thought of Starlight Road form the previous duel held me back. And the following turn, i managed to summon a Scrap Dragon and one by one, i destroyed his set cards for the victory. Of which, one of them was really a Starlight Road!!! *Lucky me :)

Match 2: Calvin (Dark World)


Duel 1: Random Synchro beat again :)

Duel 2: Got beatdown by Grapha and his massive back rows...

Duel 3: Trishula + Stardust on second turn decided the duel :)

Match 3: Bryan Tew (Dark World)


Duel 1: Received a endless cycle of Grapha again...

Duel 2: Cool opening hand with Tengu, Malicious and D-Draw provided consistency throughout the entire match.

Duel 3: Time was called. I managed to deal more damage to his LP such that even after a 3k grapha direct attack, i will still have a lead.

Match 4: Skye (Offering Gadget)


Duel 1: Don't even know how i got reduced to zero...

Duel 2: BAD HAND... =.="

Overall result: 2nd place with 3 wins

Summary: This deck which took me less then 2 hours to construct managed to work!!! Miraculously, the bad hand rate is not that frequent. However, when it occurs, the chances to turn the tides are very very slim. I'll continue to tune this deck to see how far can it bring me.

Bottom-line, from my observation, this is an 'old school' era.

This meta game is back to the Chaos Era where people don't exactly play a lot of traps. 3 MST running wild and Heavy Storm is mainly the reason being so. Next, 2 Tragoedia and 1 Gorz explains why people put 2 mind crush in their main deck. When you're uncertain if any monsters will jump out of the blue, just buy an insurance. Mind crush him and full force ahead!!!

*On a separate note, i'll be reviewing on the card mind crush most likely next week. Keep a look out :)

However, one thing doesn't change in this game. The element of SURPRISE. When you play a deck which people are unfamiliar with, you have the advantage of catching them off-guard. Have creativity!!! Remember when people tell you to think out of the box? This is a platform where you'll only get better and better through experiments of originality. That's where you actually fail, learn from your mistakes and slowly develop into your own style. Isn't that what made this game fun and enjoyable in the very first place?!?!

Hope you guys have enjoyed my very first post. I know i can be a bit lengthy at times. But oh well :D Do keep a lookout for my next post. Till next time, Ciaossu ~.~