Sunday, September 25, 2011

F1 Weekend...

Hi All Once Again =D

Before i get on with Yu-Gi-Oh Matters, for those that do not know, this is the F1 Weekend in Singapore!!! And i'm LOVING IT :)

Back to topic, this is a busy and tiring week for me due to both work and personal matters. So i did not participate in any tournaments this week. However, i did stay through 1 tournament and i'll report on some interesting stuff i saw for today.

Venue: Active Game Collection (aka Lor Ah Soo)
Format: Single Elimination *Same event as the last post
Players: 18

Decks used by participants:
2 x GB
1 x Hero Beat
1 x Skill Drain Beat
1 x Twilight Lightlord
1 x Twilight Zombie
2 x Agent Angel
1 x TG Bolt Angel
1 x Machina Gadget
1 x Dragunity
2 x Grave BF
2 x WWBF
1 x Dragon Beat (Red Eyes Black Metal + FGD FTW)
1 x Battery man Deck
1 x Junk Doppel Frog variant

Winner: Wei Ann (Dragunity) with 4 wins
2nd: Calvin (GB) with 4 wins
3rd/4th: Cassandra (Machina Gadget) & Zheng Hei ( TG Bolt Angel)
*With 18 participants in Single Elimination format, 4 players were randomly chosen to play for Round 0. This allows the tournament to be conducted with a perfect number. Hence, though Calvin got 2nd, he was part of Round 0, explaining the same number of wins as Wei Ann.

In the finals, Wei Ann (Dragunity) focused on getting a Stardust Dragon out in the early game. This prevented Calvin's monsters (GB) which are lesser in Att points, to conduct battle and perform his GB tagging tricks. With that, the Stardust acted as an insurance for his future summoning. In one of the game, Wei Ann went on to summon a 2nd Stardust Dragon just to unleash the beat down!!! Calvin wasn't able to break the first turn summoning of Stardust and lost his game and match.

There are a few interesting techs that i saw from decks today and would like to share with all of you.

1) Frogs in Junk Doppel!!! With the reduction of Traps in decks, there ain't many cards that'll stop Treeborn Frog from swimming up every turn. This small and innocent looking monster is an important factor in the deck. Firstly, it's 1 additional star for synchro. Second, it's a monster that can be used as a tribute. Last but DEFINITELY not least, it's a freaking wall!!!

2) Bolt Hedgedog in TG angels. They are free exceed materials for Daigusto Phoenix once you manage to get them into graveyard!!! And for them to "float up" from the graveyard, all you need is either a TG Striker or Agent - Earth.

3) Batteryman Deck and Dragon Deck. How long has it been since we see them? But still, they are capable to pull some cool tricks from their respective sleeves and stun their opponents. An opponent of the Dragon deck actually commented "A FGD!!!" in shock when the player actually activated his 'Future Fusion'.

Overall, it's a good tournament with lot of different decks. Like said in my last post, it's cool to run different decks outside of the Tier Table. This is what made the game interesting!!! Keep it up people =D

Till the next time, Ciaossu ~_~"
Off to my F1 race...

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