Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm Back =D

Like the title says, i'm back =D
My lack of post was because my past 2 months have been so FREAKING BUSY!!!
Firstly, i was occupied by NS for the entire month of Nov-Dec, leaving me stranded on an island without internet. After which, i returned to my original unit and loads of crap (accumulated in my absence) are dumped onto me. Its a miracle i have the time to be doing this right now =.="
So that's basically it for my last 2 months.

Now, during my period of absence, a few hiccups occurred which i didn't have the chance to experience them first hand. So let refresh a bit, all the way from Nov...

1) Asia Plus Tournament Singapore was conducted in Nov, and the winning team, who will also be representing Singapore in Asia Plus Championship held in Taiwan, consist of Nian Jie, William and Daniel.

Though Team Singapore did not emerge victorious in Asia Plus Championship, Taiwan, they did themselves proud and definitely deserve a round of applause for their effort put in. Thumbs up to you guys =D.
More coverage can be viewed from

2) Finally after so many years, we can finally complete the set of playable GOD cards with the release of the SILFER THE SKY DRAGON!!!

3) Order Of Chaos surfaced 3 new decks to the Yu Gi Oh World.
Firstly, the most seen deck topping tournaments currently:
Basically, this deck has the ability to create a difference of 4 card (Player +2, Opponent -2) with just 2 cards, Damsel and Hornet. Once they hit you with that, the chance of recover is rather low.

Secondly, aka the dirty deck:
Wind-up / Main Spring
Try starting a duel with your opponent having a Daigusto Emeral and a Revise Dragon on field, and 3 to 4 cards in hand while you have erm... 0 cards in hand, 5 cards in grave... Basically, that's as i quote: "No Hand, No Field, No Future".

Last but not least, always doing missions in stealth mode:
I'll say this deck is somewhat like a mini version of Hero Beat that can be played in Official Konami Tournaments. With Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation acting like Gemini Spark, this card actually works better in a sense that it does not leave one's field open for attacks. Combo with EITHER Dark Horus to revive another Hanzo for a second round OR Jurrac Guaiba to take down one more opponent's monster and then exceed to Evolzar Laggia for further control.

I've tried playing against the 3 above mentioned decks using my Hero Beat.
Against inzektor: Hero Blast and Effect Veiler are must!!! If not, just sit back, relax and enjoy. Before you know it, it has ended... LOL
Against Windup / MainSpring: PRAY YOU WIN DICE ROLL =.="
Against Ninja: Out of 10 matches, 6-4 is achieved. Last match was very very close.

So overall, good job for introducing new decks that people are willing to go for. However, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH KONAMI? Coming out with this type of broken decks =.="

Haiz, what to do??? Like i always say "Sucks to be you..."
Till next time, Ciaossu ~.~

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