Tuesday, December 27, 2011

3 x Tournament Reports over the Christmas Weekend

3 x Short Tourney Reports =D
Deck used for all 3 tourneys

First up, Ranking Tournament @ Active Game Collection 24 Dec 11
Starting 16: Cassandra; Rabbit Raggia
Top 8: Bryan aka (Ball Snow); Inzektor
Either OXO or OO, i've forgotten how the match-up went... LOL
Top 4: Guan Ji; Inzektor
Top 2: Miao; Laval
Placing: 2nd

Next, Christmas Tourney @ CardMaster 25 Dec 11
Swiss Round 1: Anthony; Dragon Beat
Swiss Round 2: Domonic; Hero Beat
Swiss Round 3: Jeremy T; Gravekeeper
Swiss Round 4: ???; Offering Gadget
Swiss Round 5: Jun Cai; BF
Didn't play as we were at the top of the Swiss table. He reported as my victory though.
So, ya!!! Full Win for Swiss Round... Here comes the bad part...


Top 8: Jacob; Rabbit Raggia
Died when he summoned a 2000 att monsters and i had 3 1900 monsters in my hand, looking at me... LOL

Bottom 4: Jun Jie; Agent Angels
Gorz in my hand but Hyperion and Kristya ended the game.

Placing: 7th/8th share with Shaun; inzektor as we're too tired to continue playing...

Last but not least, Boxing Day Tourney @ Ani-Play, Clementi 26 Dec 11
Swiss Round 1: ???; Rabbit Raggia
Didn't appear as Rabbit Raggia in 1st match-up. Totally didn't side for it in 2nd match. Had a tough time catching up in Match 3 caused my game.
Swiss Round 2: vishal; BF
Swiss Round 3: Jun Cai; BF
Couldn't avoid the Christmas battle huh??? Haha
Swiss Round 4: Stark; Dandy
Shared and let him win since his tie breaker was higher.
unfortunately, he didn't make it for Top 8 as his tie breaker wasn't high enough compared to other 3 win players.

Placing: Scrubbed

That's all folks =D
Till the next Hero meeting at a tourney, bye bye for now, Ciaossu~.~

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